Remember the Pringles commercial? “I’ll bet you can’t just eat ONE CHIP!!!!” Well … what we’ve put together for you are audience favorites from more than 6,000 podcasts. The list of 25 are interviews done with some of the finest human beings we’ve ever met. Their stories are rich with spiritual nutrition that will enrich your soul. We bet that you can’t “listen” to JUST ONE! And once you’ve listened to all 25 of these mentors, don’t worry … we have 25 lined up that are just as good.

What you are about to taste and experience would never have happened without my friend Bob Lepine. As you listen you will hear his voice and his heart in each of these recordings that he helped host for over 26 years. And there's an entire team at FamilyLife who we want to thank, who "owned" the messages and excellence in production as we sought to serve millions globally. Bob and the FamilyLife Team are the reason that the "FamilyLife Today" program is the only broadcast in National Religious Broadcasters' history to win "Program of the Year" three times. To God be the Glory!


Dennis and Barbara Co-Founders of “Spiritual Pringles” Psalm 23:1-3

P.S. Ok…some of you have already peaked and you’ve found that many of these “25” have multiple episodes … don’t you just love it when you buy something and it’s even better than you expected?!!!!
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